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Phantom was formally known as Ghost and he worked in the basement with Sammy B (his cousin) and a few of his friends in Cincinnati. Sammy B wanted to restart though and taught Ghost how to get better they practiced ever time they got together. Eventually they took a year off and something happened in Ghost's life that really peaked is interest for hip hop and wrote a 5 page song and changed his name to Phantom. Then Sammy B and Phantom worked for one more year all the while Soul was moving from Mexico City from New Jersey and then to Cincinnati. Sammy B had to go off to college but told Phantom to keep up the group we called D.Y.D. (Do Your Dance). So they had Soul try out and he made it. Since then Phantom and Soul have been working literally everyday for hours to take their passion to the next level. They are on 2 radio stations, been in the newspaper, and do big shows. They make all types of music from dance to passionate and they wont stop till they die and when they are dead they will continue in Heaven.

Debbie Goodman

Debbie Goodman went from rocking "music row" in Nashville, Tennessee to jamming "the strip" in Los Angeles, California.  She went from touring the eastern coast of the United States while fronting a rock band, to playing every place you've heard of (House of Blues, The Viper Room, etc) with just her voice and her guitar...Whether she is fronting her now rock and blues band, or getting more intimate with just her and her guitar and her bongo player, her mesmerizingly beautiful vocals will take you on a journey through all the songs that come from her heart.


Diane Marie Kloba

I was born in Chicago and was a simple poet from an early age. I began playing guitar at about 17 when I bought my first guitar. Music and poetry always being my passion, I joined many original alternative rock bands with a somewhat sophisticated punk attitude and style. Finally in the early 1990s  formed The Silent Workers. We were regulars for about nine years on the Chicago club scene and festival shows, . Our recording Quark received local and national airplay, including live performances on radio stations
In 2004 I released a solo  recording ‘I Kid You Not’ on Striped Shirt Records. Punk attitude and subtle humor, star gazing thoughts and hints of anti-pop, this album was a winner and went on to be voted as the #9 album of the year in The Village Voice Pazz and Jop poll for 2004. In May 2005 I released ‘Messages From The Ionosphere’. Urgent vocals are backed with hip-hop style shouts that serve as a Greek chorus to the songs drama.
In late  ‘For You Stranger’, a dedication to the musicians, artists and inventors in this world.
In a place where pop music is not a goal but an avoidance, I tried to create an urgently approachable and still somewhat avant garde work titled For You, Stranger. While keeping the attitude, verse and vibe up front, bent jazz and twisted surf are placed neatly between alternative and punk rock sonics. The resulting overall style is performance art educated by a punk aesthetic. Reviews of this CD say "there is not a cliché or pop pandering melody or guitar line to be found. I am called a free spirited songwriter who performs wry, ramshackle avant pop. Also that my technique is never lazy or unmusical. Charming and emotional. I love you rock critics for your descriptions of me, I would not know what else to say!!
I am now a voting member of The Recording Academy.
My favorite artists are Fionna Apple, Regina Spector, Isis, Muse, Arcade Fire, Radio Head, Eminem, Linkin Park, Scribe One, Jimmi Henrix, old Bob Dylan,oh and anything new.
My newest creation is titled "I AM AN UNKNOWN ARTIST" It is by far the most polished work I have obtained while still being true to my untamed performance art. Everyone from beat poets to avant pop fans and just plain good music lovers will enjoy this one. It is a personally revealing CD , emotional and warm, fun and grabbing.

                       You Might Think You Know by Diane Marie Kloba

                                      Believe in the Unseen (Featuring Darlene Wentland-Wiktor) by Diane Marie Kloba


D-Train is a 24 year old musical artist, who was born in Brooklyn, NY but spent most of his childhood in East Stroudsburg, PA. He moved to PA at a very young age where he felt as though he was an outcast within the schools, along with the town because of the fact that he was the only minority. Thankfully, though he felt like an outcast to the town, he was treated like family to his neighbors; therefore, they played a major role in his life, growing up made things hard but his neighbor made things bearable. At this stage in his life, D-Train discovered his talent and love for poetry along with his name throughout middle school.
As he graduated from middle school, enrolling into high school, things were completely different as well as the neighborhood. More minorities moved in town therefore making bigger shoes to be filled, but yet D-Train had no intentions of filling those shoes. At that point in his life he was working on his lyrics but practicing on combining poetry with Hip Hop but without a beat, also known as acapella. In the meantime he dealt with small time dealings along with several obstacles which threw him off track for 3 years, one day he happen to hit one obstacle head on; that’s when all of his love and interest in poetry came to an halt. From that day forth D-Train knew he had to make a change in his life and that change was the United States Army.
Returning from the Army’s basic training, D-Train decided to take advantage of the benefits the Army has to offer and enroll in college. 2 years after the enrollment of college and making several very close friends; this has helped him rekindle his love for poetry only this time adding a beat to flow with. His friends played a major role in the new beginning of D-Train’s return, so from 2009 to 2010 he has remained dormant….. until now.





The Julian Day

Immersed by their parents in the songs of the great singer/songwriters
of the 70s and the experimentation of 80s bands like New OrderU2 and
Echo and The Bunnymen, The Julian Day fuses the two to offer a wholly
new sound for 2011 that amps it up while stripping it down. With The
Julian Day you'll find good songwriting mixed with just enough
instrumentation to drive the songs along. Working with the idea that
art is best when nothing can be added and nothing can be taken away,
The Julian Day seeks to engage the listener head-on. Spare and
spartanized, these songs have just the right amount of color and
texture while offering brief lessons in the game of life.



official twitter account : @thejulianday


My name is Brandon Ramos, I am an 18 year old rapper, I go by the stage name Basik, and i am trying to find myself as an artist and define myself with my talent. I've had my share of struggles as we all have, and I express each one thru the music that I make. I was born in raised in San Antonio Texas, & I will stand behind my city until I am dead, because it made me who I am today. As far as talent goes, I am one of the most humble human beings you will ever meet, I might be able to handle a microphone better than a few other people, but trust me I won't let you know about it, I'll make sure you see for yourself. Music is my life, and my life is filled by music.



Red Blitz

Hello, my name is Yahmnselah Tafari a young hip hop artist and songwriter  hailing from the city of Trenton New Jersey. A city plagued with crime, drugs, and poverty that gives little hope to those with big dreams. I traveled around the city looking around, seeing streets filled with liter, blocks full of abandoned row homes, and junkies. I had always known there was a better life then this, and keeping this thought in my head allowed me keep from being corrupted by a ghetto mentality. 
My road onto music began the summer before high school started. For the first time had see the movie “8 Mile” from beginning to end.  Immediately after Eminem ripped all three of the emcees he went against, I knew I had to write a rap down. Reading it back to myself, I swore up and down that it was the best thing ever. Now looking back I say to myself, “Wow that was so corny.” and shake my head in disappointment. After that time I continued to write lines here and there in this five star notebook I had. In tenth grade I had brought my rhyme book to school, and while in class I overheard these two guys rehearsing. I went back there and decided to show my material, so I went on and rapped. Receiving a little praise I felt so good about myself, and continued writing. I eventually tried recording with one of my friends, however I never thought he was really serious about the music. At the point I had put the pen and pad down, and didn’t begin writing again until my college years.
I would have to say, college really began my major step into music. I had been doing a few rap sessions with these guys that had a group going on. I was supposed to be in a show, but a few unreliable people messed that chance up for myself and a few other artist. That was my last encounter with those guys in the group, due to financial issues which cost me my college years. Since then I have been recording on my own with a microphone and an Apple laptop. Releasing several freestyles on this music website and recording a few songs for my  mixtape “The Making of A Star”, which my peers and myself claim to be a breath of fresh air, due to it’s enhanced lyric content. I’ve always felt like it’s always great to have a nice beat, but a combination with excellent lyrics turns a song into a classic. That is the mission I stand by, and believe in.

Clarence Fetti Anderson

I am a Colorado native, been rapping for more than 15 years. I was influenced by all genres of music, but my love is hip hop. I'm influenced by artists such as Nas, Jay-z, Kanye West, Notorious BIG, The Lox group, fave artist is Jadakiss. Producer influences are Alchemist, Rza,DJ Premier, Kanye West, Swizz Beatz, Havoc of Mobb Deep and many others. My goal is to make music that creates a connection with everybody, bi-coastal and everybody in between and also to help our Revenue artists...We do lots of
shows we were invited to do a Def Jam Showcase for A&R reps
and have opening for Juice Man of (Brick Squad) plus others
Were just trying to make the greats that came before me proud..


FETTI Andolin/Tweetmymixtape.com


Underjoyed is a rock band formed in Athens, Greece during 2010.Their combination of alternative, garage and blues elements all together creates their characteristic sound. The band consists of 5 members with female vocals who attempt to marry classic rock sound with new components. Their influences cover a wide range from White Stripes, Queens of the Stone Age and Pj Harvey to Janis Joplin and many other.


Vocals, Percussion: Athena Kontodima
Guitars: Gregory Baxevanis
Bass: Mike Keramidas
Drums: Christos Gionis
Synth:Thodoris Spathas


It is often argued that the "80s babies" of the culture are disillusioned and merely in the game for its lucrative rewards rather than the mere love of two turntables and a microphone. If such is the case, then Cashman of The Cashmen Production team is the halley's comet of his generation. Starting in high school of 1999, Cashman recognizing his talents discovered a incredible appetite for thumping beats and catchy melodies. Running with other Brooklyn heads during the turbulence of his adolescent years, he got a crash course in Music Business 101, encountering broken promises and come-and-go con men that prey on gullible youngsters hungry for the riches of the music game. Luckily for Cashman, he built a home studio during these chaotic times where he homed his skills in mixing, engineering, songwriting and production. Upon completion, he recorded tirelessly, assembling a versatile, extensive catalog of tracks that many professionals could only dream to rival. With a library of music that's adds up to well over 100 songs, Cashman has been steadily networking with industry insiders. In addition, Cashman is Senior producer of a small Label Called BST records, Where he currently oversees a small roster of hungry artist who are learning all of the essentials to become a star. Cashman's fluid delivery coupled with his thunderous baritone and introspective outlook is a refreshing perspective from a young Broolynite in his early 20s. Cashman is a innovative 
emcees/producer bringing a youthful energy expressed through the searing vocals of a old soul thirsty for a better existence.

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