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Terrell Patterson A.K.A. ReLL P. was born in Lubbock Texas, but grew up in many different locations, due to His step father being in the army.ReLL has been to such states as Alaska, Kentucky, New jersey, Illinois, NYC, Florida, and currently resides in upstate NY.With such a diverse up bringing that has influenced him to talk or rap about truths in his life, he brings his reality lyrically on beats. Rell is highly influenced by a number of artists such as Jay-z, Eminem, Drake, Kanye West, Lil’ Wayne, juelz Santana,Jadakiss, just too name a few.With rap battles and one mixtape under his belt he is working vary hard to get his music out and into the right hands and bring a breathe of fresh air into the industry. ReLL began rapping at the tender age of 12. Rell’s would listen to his mothers albums and connect with the music, such artist as 2pac,Jay-z,Mase, Master P.”When I heard Jay-z Hark knock life album, I knew automatically that this is what I want to do and pursue. Writing and freestyling at lunch tables, local parties Rell kept at it. Now at the age of 24 Rell is ready for the world to get his message in music. “Music is in my blood, I feel very passionate about it, its my way of therapy and to unleash and feelings I Have .ReLL is currently working on his 2nd mixtape entitled “Expression Of Power vol.2”.ReLL is like no other artist out, he is original,lyrical,witty,timeless,futuristic,and creative with his music. So with that being said, I introduce you to ReLL P. AKA Main-Even AKA More-iLLY,He is indeed hip-hop’s future.







"Well it all started with a young man by the name of Juan Saneaux at a place by the name of Treasure Island Job Corps Center.Around this place rap/ hip-hop/ r&b were the main genres of music so Juan developed a taste for this kind of music after a while of being there. Juan Attended a meeting called "The Dorm Meeting" where his R.A Supervisor was mentioning something about two sheets and a pillowcase. Upon The supervisor saying that Juan found it funny and a bit catch and developed an idea  into making the phrase two sheets and a pillowcase into a song. Shortly after he created a couple of songs one being "Two Sheets and A Pillow Case". It was popular among his friends but he thought he can make it better by using what his idol used which was "AutoTune". He did remake his previous songs with it and continued making songs till this day."

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MIRA e djmatim

Created with the aim of giving visibility to the struggles and demands
of women and youth, and strengthen the participation of women in Hip
Hop, admittedly predominantly male environment. The group MIRA
(Revolutionary Women Informed and Attitude) is the main reference
Female Hip Hop Hip Hop Movement Organized in Brazil - MH2O.
Appeared in March 2009 in Fortaleza - CE, at the start and had three
members were born into a well-defined style which remains the same:
writing and performing rap lyrics with themes aimed at empowering
 and their social role, supporting diversity and rights of youth.
The MIRA builds upon instrumental loops bass with electronic beats and
acoustic chords and forming rhythmic poetry that represents the pure
expression of RAP Alternative, exposing the causes of social problems.
The MIRA strives to offer opportunities for talented young women from
the periphery and with affinity for the proposed style. With tests and
adjustments permanent repertoire of the group has maintained their
high energy performances, technique and emotion. Currently the group
has the Onara Rapper MC Oliveira and Fabiana Carvalho, and have the
technical participation in the musical production of DJ Matim.
Latest Report:
Festival of Youth in Fortaleza - Ceará COFECI - June 2010.
Show Livia Cruz Fortaleza - Moco Stúdio - December 2010.
Launch collection of Joy - Green Square Sea Dragon - April 8, 2011
Show Anniversary Fortaleza 285 years - CUCA Che Guevara - April 13, 2011.

Twitter is twitter.com/djmatim 
On facebook.com/djmatim 
and djmatim@hotmail.com

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