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Hello, my name is Yahmnselah Tafari a young hip hop artist and songwriter  hailing from the city of Trenton New Jersey. A city plagued with crime, drugs, and poverty that gives little hope to those with big dreams. I traveled around the city looking around, seeing streets filled with liter, blocks full of abandoned row homes, and junkies. I had always known there was a better life then this, and keeping this thought in my head allowed me keep from being corrupted by a ghetto mentality. 
My road onto music began the summer before high school started. For the first time had see the movie “8 Mile” from beginning to end.  Immediately after Eminem ripped all three of the emcees he went against, I knew I had to write a rap down. Reading it back to myself, I swore up and down that it was the best thing ever. Now looking back I say to myself, “Wow that was so corny.” and shake my head in disappointment. After that time I continued to write lines here and there in this five star notebook I had. In tenth grade I had brought my rhyme book to school, and while in class I overheard these two guys rehearsing. I went back there and decided to show my material, so I went on and rapped. Receiving a little praise I felt so good about myself, and continued writing. I eventually tried recording with one of my friends, however I never thought he was really serious about the music. At the point I had put the pen and pad down, and didn’t begin writing again until my college years.
I would have to say, college really began my major step into music. I had been doing a few rap sessions with these guys that had a group going on. I was supposed to be in a show, but a few unreliable people messed that chance up for myself and a few other artist. That was my last encounter with those guys in the group, due to financial issues which cost me my college years. Since then I have been recording on my own with a microphone and an Apple laptop. Releasing several freestyles on this music website and recording a few songs for my  mixtape “The Making of A Star”, which my peers and myself claim to be a breath of fresh air, due to it’s enhanced lyric content. I’ve always felt like it’s always great to have a nice beat, but a combination with excellent lyrics turns a song into a classic. That is the mission I stand by, and believe in.

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