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Dear friends as you can guess from the banner above, we are moving to our new beta site http://indiefunda.com/.  We are building it to work as community based platform for all the people who love music. I personally invite you all to sign up there and start writing your own posts about your or others people music. We give to the members absolute author rights from the very beginning and encouraging them to create rich articles full of edgy texts, audio and visuals. We try hard to keep it clean, spamming and shouting are highly prohibited.

Best regards, Nikolas


GummyWorm SpiderWeb

"I am my music. If an explanation is necessary, then I'm not doing it correctly. Well, or your not listening."
GummyWorm SpiderWeb was started in an attempt to remodel the way music is portrayed in mainstream's society. "GwSw" thinks that the general population exists in a vegetative state content with the inane attempts at fame and fortune that is our generation's music industry. Their goal is to make music that forces you to think independently, but tastefully.
GummyWorm SpiderWeb is also extremely active in non profits/charities such as We Are Not for 
Sale Campaign, PETA and Autism Speaks.


I am chidiebele Amakom  but my stage name is chidye,am a 19yr old
nigerian singer,songwriter,composer,actor,vocalist.i was born in
nigeria in 1992 in a family of seven,i have a twin sister and we are
the third child of our parents.i started singing at early age of 11
when i was in middle school,now am a highschool graduate. am currently
living in nigeria and getting ready for my fresh man year in
september. I am also working really hard to make sure i finish writing
songs for my album and am also looking 4 a record label dat can manage
my carear....sorry dis the ones i can come up with 4 now.




The Motorcocks

band's history:

the band was created on february of 2011 by Lucas Sabbath  (Lucas Widmar Pelisari ) , Guitar player and vocals of The Motorcocks.
quarreled with their parents for not supporting him in his musical career ... So, he go to other city, to live alone, working for his own money.
He start recording his own ideas for musics (speeding on the road, and badass rock n roll musics) ...
He know Elvis Siqueira (other guitarrist) and Eber Peretto ( bassist) , now they'll release the first album of The MotorCocks band,  intituled "Badass Rock n Roll" ...
Will be released on august, but in july we will have two new musics do download.

band's message:

We are the Dirty Rock N Roll Band called The MotorCocks.
We're workin' on our first album ( BadAss Rock 'n' Roll ).
We have many influences like : Nasville pussy, The Carburetors, Chrome Division, V8 Wankers, and Rose Tattoo.
country : Frederico Westphalen / Rio Grande Do Sul / Brazil .

If you want hear fuckin guitar's solos, angelical voices, and beutifull lyrics, get out of here!
Sex, drugs and FUCKIN ROCK N ROLL here!!

"We're Not Losers baby, We born to win!"

Our MSN/EMAIL = themotorcocks@live.com

Our web blog : www.lucassabbath.wordpress.com
Keep Rockin'!

Federico Balducci

He attended the Universidad Interamericana where he studied Jazz guitar he further his classical guitar skills at the university of Puerto Rico where he studied with the great Juan Sorroce , Javier de la torre and Gustavo Bastista among other greats. He also study composition and guitar at the Conservatory of Music of Puerto Rico with Alberto Rodriguez, and he studied at Berklee School of Music to further develop his jazz and arrangement skills.

Federico's improvising style was initially influenced by guitarists such as Pat Martino and Joe Pass, but has emerged as an individual stylist whose lines are lengthy and linear, akin to the approach of musicians such as John Coltrane, Keith Jarrett and Allan Holdsworth. His chordal language is amongst the more advanced for a guitarist, touching on ideas from George Van Eps, Lenny Breau.

He has play with many important artist from Puerto Rico among them are Lannie Battistini, Pablito el Indio Rosario, Charlie Figueroa,Enrique Cardenas and many others.

He finish his first production that will include original compositions and arrangements of songs from the late Sylvia rexach in which he plays 6, 7 and 10 strings guitars.






LunariaN, with the uppercase letters on the “L” & “N”. Formed in late 2006 and getting seriously into music in 2008. A rock-experimental/alternative/electro-rock band hailing from South Jakarta, Indonesia but taking London as our CHART BASE. 7 songs here are taken from a total of 18 they currently have.

"LunariaN likes to go beyond boundaries set by the industry standard while staying true to rock-n-roll music. They often sail the outer rim of sight and sound but never venture past the ear shot of humans nor their basic instinct to enjoy a catchy tune. Influenced by so many artists ranging from Rammstein, Radiohead to Baroque & classical music, you will experience a new age of rock music as they brand their own trademark style. Unusual breakdowns & progressions, vintage & modern sound mixed with abstract-poetic lyrics which speak loud and true... *love*war*conspiracy theory*anti-social*political* All reflections of their society and life experiences. LunariaN is CUTTING EDGE. REAL ROCK MUSIC." - Willy Clayton of Hooker Studio Productions-Pennsylvania, US

"They may not be exactly local, as this talented four-piece hail from Indonesia, but they are definitely something to look out for. If you’re looking for something fresh and new, but with the underlying features that are ever-present in a classic rock band, you’ve found it. LunariaN have the talent, and they’ve certainly got the tracks, with peculiarly genius hits like ‘Generation in a deadline’ and ‘Xenophobia’ keeping rock and roll alive. However ‘Scream Sonata’ is by far the most impressive track I’ve heard. Opening with a complex classical piano stance, one may compare ‘Scream Sonata’ to something attempted by HIM... until the first riff smashes its way into consciousness. With heavy drums and even heavier axe work, ‘Scream Sonata’ is a track that will have you head-banging like there’s no tomorrow, and you might have to check it’s the same band as before! LunariaN is more than diverse, every track is different and they’ll consistently keep you guessing as to where they’re going and what they’re doing.
If I had to make a guess... I'd be surprised if LunariaN hadn't made some sort of name for themselves within a year. They have the drive, the determination, and the raw talent to make it, and I really hope they do. The songs are classics through and through, and if I haven't convinced you, check this one out for yourself, by downloading their EP or listening on Reverb as below." - Lily of 


Music is a way of life for most people but this individual is more determined and talented than no other. Angeredrebel has been making beats for more than Ten years and you can tell he knows what he's doing once you check the quality of the beats produced by him.
He has strong library of beats which can be found on the next page along with a detailed interview from him, understanding where the sounds stem from.
Coming from a small state in America (Cincinnati,Ohio) he has made his name and now has decided to imprint his foot steps in the UK streets. This Character has a major creative flare & is smashing the HipHop game to pieces.
If you need to get hold of Soulful Soundz in anyway then please get in contact with him, by either the links;
@angeredrebel (Twitter)

The Beat conception project:

This is our first album together as a production team!
Angered rebel (USA), Mozaic (USA), Skywalk3r (Can)
Intro – Rebel
Rocket (Jupiter’s Eye) – Angered Rebel
Masterpiece – Mozaic
Smoke Em – Skywalk3r
Amped – Mozaic
Native - Angered Rebel
Bad Situations – Skywalk3r
Outro – Skywalk3r



Mario Novi – Nicest is a designer, composer and music producer from Europe. His sound is very versatile and it’s a mix of hip-hop, electro, jazz and chill-out elements. He can work equally well with samples and live instruments and that with combination of right filters and effects enables him to create virtually any sound that comes to a mind. Some personal issues from the past prevented him to gain more exposure on the global music scene, but he successfully overcame all the problems and is currently collaborating with MCs from USA and Europe creating his first official mixtape. Nicest is always looking for talented MCs and singers to work with.You can hear some of the Novi’s music at www.soundcloud.com/nicest


From Tanzania, Dar es Salaam stand up.
Doing this for the respect and getting my feelings and thoughts out there. Just that.

Zoidan Jankalovich

Zoidan Jankalovich is an Irish composer/jazz musician/DJ/producer who released his debut album ZoiDVersus the Jazz Musicians of Ireland Vol 1 in 2007. The album is the imaginary soundtrack to a future distopian world where acoustic instruments have been outlawed by the ruling machine overlords. Jazz musicians form underground cells to continue the old ways, risking life and limb every time they play. New beings called ZoiDs have evolved, who can play music, unlike the machines. Being robots, they are not yet accepted by the wary humans. Following a group of jazz musicians, a ZoiD watches them play, learning, and hopes one day to play with them... 






Growing up in a small town in OhioKram HAS always had a passion for music! He accumulated this passion at the age of 5. The young R&B Recording Artist was 15 years old when he realized that he was born with a UNIQUE voice and was destined for GREATNESS! He always had big dreams and have been writing music and singing since the age 10. Kram didn't know exactly what he really wanted in life, until he wrote his first love song: "Break Dis Love" (what his city called: "A STREET BANGER") at the age of 17. After ALL the positive feedback on his R&B MUSIC, Kram has continued to write songs from love songs, to break-up songs, from "baby-making music, even to songs concerning certain situations he has been through throughout his lifetime. Now as his music evolves, his VOCAL SKILLS shows proof on how far Kram has come and evolved in the last 5 years as a R&B RECORDING ARTIST & SONG WRITER! NOW as a mature R&B Singer, Kram has been doing shows and promoting his music since 2009! He has performed in areas of KENTUCKY and many different cities in OHIO like Dayton, Cincinnati, Columbus, Oxford, and Middletown & at events like "THE TASTE OF CINCINNATI 2011" in downtown Cincinnati, Ohio with 101.1 THE WIZ! He is the only Artist that is signed to K.R.A.M RECORDS LLC and also is the CEO of K.R.A.M RECORDS. <KNOWIN' REAL AZZ MUSIC RECORDS>
- In March 2011, Kram released his 1st HIGHLY ANTICIPATED R&B Mixtape entitled "REALITY". THE MIXTAPE WAS A SUCCESS AND Kram accumulated numerous of FANS because of it! Now Kram is expecting to release a 2nd R&B Mixtape entitled "GROWN MAN" for the SUMMER OF 2011! SO Fans, sit back and enjoy one CREATIVE R&B JOURNEY
Kram, who entitles himself as "The R&B General", has developed a sound uniquely his own, by fusing together the essence of "Soul Music" with "Funk" rules and "Hip Hop" swagger.
Now at age 22, his LOVE FOR MUSIC has NEVER changed! As Kram and his music evolves, SUCCESS is still his yet ever most Determination!

Silent Cities

Having nothing but an acoustic guitar, a cheap banjo and a voice Simon Maddison under his alias; Silent Cities, would come to write and record many songs that were stripped down on approach to the basic principles of finger-picking, harmonies and deep cryptic lyrical themes. Performing and recording around the Liverpool underground Folk scene, Silent Cities aims to offer songs that take influence from the likes of Bon Iver, Patrick Watson, Nick Drake and many other artists from around the world" 

Gabe Andrews

Hey I am a young unsigned artist ready to represent 913 (kansas city kansas. I grew up in 913 and I'm all about my music. I am open to any features, help others write there music and make it sound good. My type of the flow is inspirational and I like to change up Tha style. For the love of music and the love of God I'm ready tO be on top.


Art Deco Cathedrals


I'm different and my own style... even though i have no band but im interesting im almost 26 and want to make something better for my family.  always loved music. i was in high school choir  at nampa senior high scool in nampa, idaho.



 Saro ST plays stoner guitar, lovely sweat, perfect pain and melodies sad, complains and envy. Steve play guitar whit chilly & aliens. Luca LH play the bass whit head and after hands.Tonio play focus/metal drum, whitout ride (he splits it).

Since 2008 FORMATO AUDIO KOMPRENSIVO. With an independent agency RFB began their musical journey in the hot season of 2008. They played with Marta sui Tubi, Volt Voice, Bohemien, Soundmachine, Ilenia Volpe and other amazing underground bands. They play also for INEED FESTIVAL, ITALIA ROCK EMERGENCY, I LOVE SICILY.


In 2010 they autoproduced their first demo/Ep "FAK 2010", recorded in the Overflow Studio, Catania. Produced by Aspec Modica and mastered by Alfredo Gentili, Cesena (STADIO sound-engineer). Many thanks to the Art director Elda Carbonaro.com. They decide to move and start promoting the album in England. They came to London in the second week of September 2010 and their adventure begins here, for a concert on Halloween 2010. They played a lot af gigs, around London, open-mic and show case and they like party for their fans. The EP is available in digital store by Ladymusicrecords.





- MUSIC REVIEW 2.0 (8/10)



They are preparing the full length and they are still unsigned.


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