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Timothy Clark

Timothy is a blind individual with dreams of making it in the ever changing music industry. He knows however, that he will have to work for it as he has had to work for all the blessings in life that he has. He counts his life as a blessing from God. He said in an interview, "I remember listening to the radio and hearing shows from Focus on the Family and I was like, wow, this stuff is great." After that he studied more of the Bible and became a christian. He was born into a Christian home but he questioned a lot of things. He says, "I still question things such as Jesus walking on water but I believe that if he truly was theson of God then why not."
Timothy was born an amazing 3 months early and do to that happening in his life he was born blind. He says   however, "I have had a lot of people ask me, if I could would I get my eyesight back? I have to confidently tell them no. They go on to ask me why and I tell them that if God wanted me to be blind then God can hill me when the time is correct for an event such as that to take place."
 Timothy is one of the few people who is actually open about his blindness. He says, "if I am not open about it then who will be. And not only that but how will people get their questions answered when they have them. Why not me who is actually blind to answer them and possibly even to walk them on the road of faith." 
      Timothy has a large fan base online and he knows that this is only the first steps of him making a difference in another's life

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