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D-Train is a 24 year old musical artist, who was born in Brooklyn, NY but spent most of his childhood in East Stroudsburg, PA. He moved to PA at a very young age where he felt as though he was an outcast within the schools, along with the town because of the fact that he was the only minority. Thankfully, though he felt like an outcast to the town, he was treated like family to his neighbors; therefore, they played a major role in his life, growing up made things hard but his neighbor made things bearable. At this stage in his life, D-Train discovered his talent and love for poetry along with his name throughout middle school.
As he graduated from middle school, enrolling into high school, things were completely different as well as the neighborhood. More minorities moved in town therefore making bigger shoes to be filled, but yet D-Train had no intentions of filling those shoes. At that point in his life he was working on his lyrics but practicing on combining poetry with Hip Hop but without a beat, also known as acapella. In the meantime he dealt with small time dealings along with several obstacles which threw him off track for 3 years, one day he happen to hit one obstacle head on; that’s when all of his love and interest in poetry came to an halt. From that day forth D-Train knew he had to make a change in his life and that change was the United States Army.
Returning from the Army’s basic training, D-Train decided to take advantage of the benefits the Army has to offer and enroll in college. 2 years after the enrollment of college and making several very close friends; this has helped him rekindle his love for poetry only this time adding a beat to flow with. His friends played a major role in the new beginning of D-Train’s return, so from 2009 to 2010 he has remained dormant….. until now.





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Love it!! (:

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Unique rapping style!

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