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It is often argued that the "80s babies" of the culture are disillusioned and merely in the game for its lucrative rewards rather than the mere love of two turntables and a microphone. If such is the case, then Cashman of The Cashmen Production team is the halley's comet of his generation. Starting in high school of 1999, Cashman recognizing his talents discovered a incredible appetite for thumping beats and catchy melodies. Running with other Brooklyn heads during the turbulence of his adolescent years, he got a crash course in Music Business 101, encountering broken promises and come-and-go con men that prey on gullible youngsters hungry for the riches of the music game. Luckily for Cashman, he built a home studio during these chaotic times where he homed his skills in mixing, engineering, songwriting and production. Upon completion, he recorded tirelessly, assembling a versatile, extensive catalog of tracks that many professionals could only dream to rival. With a library of music that's adds up to well over 100 songs, Cashman has been steadily networking with industry insiders. In addition, Cashman is Senior producer of a small Label Called BST records, Where he currently oversees a small roster of hungry artist who are learning all of the essentials to become a star. Cashman's fluid delivery coupled with his thunderous baritone and introspective outlook is a refreshing perspective from a young Broolynite in his early 20s. Cashman is a innovative 
emcees/producer bringing a youthful energy expressed through the searing vocals of a old soul thirsty for a better existence.

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