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I was borned in newark new jersey put mostly i was raised up in passaic. My whole life i been moving back n forth but passaic was always my home town,half of my family lives there and its small city but i gotta dreams in thtis small city.I was just wanna do for my mom and my family cause family comes first.

Whats up everybody this be(Wayne Boy)well i got the call from jive records saying that i was gonna get signed to a 3yr dea and they just told me to put my music out there so thats what im doing.I loved music every since i lil boy and started writting my songs since 8 grade,but i never recorded nothing.When i got to high school i started going to the studio and laying my tracks down.well its the present now im just tryna make it like everybody els is hard work pay offs at the end of the day,i can just say that i am ready for this music life/bussines. Im really ready to stand up for the music i make i love going to the studio sometimes i just feel like im home. For any other questions or so i can be reached at my email vikes428@gmail.com/my number is 9734135932. Im ready to put my city on the life. Jersey We Here!

you tube : http://5dibbz/




Chris "ROC" McDowell was born and raised in the Blue Ridge area of North Carolina. In 2003, his mother passed away from Breast Cancer, which she had fought courageously for 11 years. Not having a strong relationship with his father, led him to be taken in by a new family which he has now been a part of for 4 years. Being in a healthier and more stable environment allowed him to chase and pursue his dream of being a rapper. He began in a local group of 6 named "The Legion of Goons." His hometown began to recognize his talents and he established himself as an artist for the first time. He moved to Lexington, KY in the fall of 2010 where he attended the Univeristy of Kentucky and played football. Being raised in a "bleed blue" atmosphere for sometime influenced him to make a cover song to Wiz Khalifa's "Black and Yellow" titled Blue and White for his school. The song became a instant hit at UK and was played in the basketball arena after numerous games. Staying focused on his school work became an issue blinded by his desire for music. He linked up with a local promoter Calvin Mattox who helped R.O.C develop and master his sound. Together they released R.O.C's first mixtape titled "Perfectly Imperfect" in May of 2011. "Down for me" and "College Life" seem to be two of the many favorites of the mixtape. While being on the road of becoming a mainstream artist, he and his team are already in the planning of his next mixtape. Be sure to keep your eyes and ears open for R.O.C (RapOverChris) in the near future.

Chelsea Johnson

Born in Marietta, Georgia, Chelsea Johnson is a 24 year old raised and residing in Tallahassee, Florida. She has a Bachelors Degree from Livingstone College in Biology. All of her life, she has had a plan; a vision of the things she wanted to accomplish. However, she quickly learned that unless her plans were also God's plan, it would not come to fruition.

It is so easy to run to the things that are not ordained by God. It is so easy to accept things that are self-originated. However, Chelsea did not find true peace until she accepted the calling, and the vision that the Lord has asked her to fulfill. She understands that it is not about her. Not about self-gratification, and definitely not about an outside show to the world or people. What it is about is being obedient, and only linking and gauging success and ability on the scale that God created.

The things she ran from are now the things that give her peace. In November of 2010, she released her first Independent Gospel album entitled ‘Beauty for Ashes.” It is a sign of obedience to her. A mixture of contemporary and alternative gospel is what can be found on this album. Chelsea is also a Writer and Editor for 1Truth Online Christian Magazine. Here, she writes and interviews on a myriad of Christian topics.

With more music, and KINGDOM BUILDING projects to come, Chelsea charges everyone to allow God to be the author of their life, knowing that He will create a best seller!


Maya-Rose is a 16 year old female multi-instrumentalist and vocalist from Knysna, South Africa. She has written and performed her own original material, as well as covers, being influenced by bands such as Nirvana, Radiohead, The Dresden Dolls, as well as Florence + the Machine. Maya-Rose has recorded professionally at Peace of Eden Studios in Knysna, and is currently working on recording more of her material from home.




Roan Song

Born on a stormy night, raised by dairy-farming wolves, Roan John Song is a multi-instrumentalist and bathroom vocalist, as well as a part-time philanthropist. He lives, eats and breathes music in (almost) every form. He is currently working on producing his forthcoming album “Electronic Dairy Farmer”, and goes under various pseudonyms including(but not limited to) "Mr. Song" and "Uno=Mobile". He works closely with fellow artist Maya-Rose Torrao and frequently refers to himself in the third person.







 ILL-ITERACY is a hip hop band from Roanoke, VA armed with deadly beats and really dope vibes. If I have to admit what is my bigger pleasure of running this campaign is that ladies and gentlemen: finding and hearing tunes that make me say " this is the sound I like to hear when I go out, this thing makes my speakers explode". So pump up the volume and hear their sounds - open the windows and let the people listen...

Members: Chris Prythm, Will Spitwell, Speek Eazy, Young Observe





World Renowed Apostolic boys have been traveling the country since 2004 at ages of fourteen and twelve. Ever since that time the lord has increased their passion and anointining for bringing the words and spirit to life. As proteges of k and k mime the two have moved audiences beyond the spirit beyond the spirit countrywide. pastor kyle colyar, the eldest of two was the first African american student body president of fullerton union high school (2006-2007), is currently studying liberal studies at fullerton college with a goal of one day becoming a defense attorney. Deacon willie Holmes jr. also student body president, fullerton union high school(2008-2009) is also currently pursueing his educatonal goals at california state university, fullerton with hopes to one day serve our country in public offfice. The two have been called to minister by the almighty god and their father in spirit, apostle willie holmes nutures their spiritual gifts and talents by empowering and cultivating their walks in christ be prepared to be moved by the spirit beyond. authentic people supplyin originality is their rap group which has recently come into play and their album will be coming out soon.

Bedell Metz

My name's Bedell Metz, I'm 22 years old and I'm from Laurens, S.C., Southeastern United States.
My father played music his whole life, and from the time I could leave the house, I was going to band practice. I grew up around musicians, and they've been ever present in my life. I was essentially born into music. I began playing at age 11, things I had grown up listening to like AerosmithLed Zeppelin, Hendrix,Bon JoviJanis JoplinBlack SabbathFleetwood Mac and the like, and around the time I began to play, Alice In Chains, Candlebox, Marcy's Playground,Counting Crows and Smashing Pumpkins were all over my radar. I got into Clapton, and followed Blues back to before Robert Johnson, was awed by Yengwie Malmsteen, Stevie Ray Vaughaun, Buddy Guy, John Mayer, Dave Matthews and such, and I immersed myself in it. I play acoustic shows, do session work, and am involved in several collaborations with various artists. I'm a singer, a songwriter, and a guitarist. Blues, Rock, and Alternative I suppose are my genres. John Lennon is my hero, and Bob Dylan is one of my favorite people breathing.




Santiago Black

Who is Santiago Black you might ask, someone you should get to know s what I will tell you! Just an all around kinda guy, a true All American! Born John Q. Jackson a chicago native, raised in Maywood IL. Attended Hendricks Academy until his 7th grade and transfered to Lincoln Grade school in Maywood. Proviso East High School student until his Jr. Year. Then started getting in trouble with the Law, but retained his G.E.D during his experience! Currently this young lad is attending Internationl Academy of Design & Technology for a BACHELOR OF FINE ARTS DEGREE IN VISUAL COMMUNICATIONS, THIS GUY IS SMART, TALENTED, STREET SMART, VERY ADAPTABLE TO ALL TYPES OF MUSIC, VERY WELL SPOKEN, WELL MANNERED YOUNG MAN! Knows where he wants to go and what it's going to take to get him there! Has Nasty skills and is both well rounded with his singing but just writes music, occasionally he gets in there and get his hands dirty with a Nasty Chorus as well! Get to know this guy People, he's here to play, and he has an awesome stage presence, the perfect showman is what a couple of hundred people told me outside of one of his shows he was crowd surfing in! Every competition he's entered he single handedly crushed the competition, with both spitting and producing the track and mastered it his self! This guy is no joke, don't sleep on em! Let's take this journey with him on his way to accomplishing great things in the music business, alongside his Friend Kurse, C.E.O. of Anger Manij'Ment Inc. When I asked him how he knows so much about the studio cause he definately knows his way around one profoundly. His reply was simply, Kurse taught me everything I know about the Booth! I owe it all to him really, we've grown together as friends and artists and its an honor to work next to him, Santiago says about Kurse!




Futuristic, yet nostalgic.  New York’s AfroDJMac is a live electronic musician, drawing influence from the genres of indie garage rock, classic rock, video game music, and modern electronica.  The characteristic sound is made up of acoustic and electronic instruments mixed and arranged on the fly; live vocals and samples are then layered on top, completing the sound.  All the while, special attention is paid to put forth songs that are catchy and exciting to listen to.  A typical live performance is just as much party as it is live music.  Every arrangement is unique and somewhat improvised, and audience participation is a huge part of the performance. 


Hijacked was born in November 27th, 2008. We started our first debuted in UKM BAND Institute Technology of Telkom, Bandung. Many experiences and covering band's song had been arranged in this band. Until we're agree to started making our own music. 
We shared many things in lyric. Speak about social circumstances, life, love, figures and dreams. We don't treat first our mind to created our song for payment, we gonna be rich when all of the people's ear would be HIJACKED by content of our music. 
We created all of these songs together, it tastes like Garage rock, British rock, Modern Rock n' Roll, Psychedelic, Alternative and many more.





Zone Fam

Zone Fam is the Premiere Hip Hop Group in Zambia. Deriving their name from a
studio they frequented in their earlier days 'The Zone' the group consists
of six emcees that includes The Holstar, Al Kan-I, Dope G, Jay Rox, Yung
Verbal and Thugga. The group was formed in 2007 and The Holstar also plays a
managerial role.*

*Zone Fam Officially released their second album single and music video
Shaka Zulu On Em” on the 1st of March 2011. This comes after the success of
“Mabhodlela” (Bottles) their first album single that is still Hot on the
airwaves. “Shaka Zulu On Em” is about African Pride and paying homage to
their roots.** It was shot and edited in Lusaka by Ground Xero Production
Team and Directed by Kenny Mumba for Ground Xero. Shaka Zulu On Em has been
received with rave reviews in Zambia and abroad as it is also enjoying
airplay on MTV Base Africa's Big Base Beats. Zone Fam’s album; The
Business:- Foreign Exchange is now taking shape and is slated for release
mid 2011.*



*Both Singles are available on iTunes:-*

*Mabhodlela (Bottles)*

*Shaka Zulu On Em*
Zone Fam video "Shaka Zulu On Em" on Youtube*

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