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Phantom was formally known as Ghost and he worked in the basement with Sammy B (his cousin) and a few of his friends in Cincinnati. Sammy B wanted to restart though and taught Ghost how to get better they practiced ever time they got together. Eventually they took a year off and something happened in Ghost's life that really peaked is interest for hip hop and wrote a 5 page song and changed his name to Phantom. Then Sammy B and Phantom worked for one more year all the while Soul was moving from Mexico City from New Jersey and then to Cincinnati. Sammy B had to go off to college but told Phantom to keep up the group we called D.Y.D. (Do Your Dance). So they had Soul try out and he made it. Since then Phantom and Soul have been working literally everyday for hours to take their passion to the next level. They are on 2 radio stations, been in the newspaper, and do big shows. They make all types of music from dance to passionate and they wont stop till they die and when they are dead they will continue in Heaven.

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