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Underjoyed is a rock band formed in Athens, Greece during 2010.Their combination of alternative, garage and blues elements all together creates their characteristic sound. The band consists of 5 members with female vocals who attempt to marry classic rock sound with new components. Their influences cover a wide range from White Stripes, Queens of the Stone Age and Pj Harvey to Janis Joplin and many other.


Vocals, Percussion: Athena Kontodima
Guitars: Gregory Baxevanis
Bass: Mike Keramidas
Drums: Christos Gionis
Synth:Thodoris Spathas

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Peta.Loc said...

Hey, guyz. Outside of just coming throught to come through anyway, because umm'...that'z how I do it, I HAD TO COME THROUGH and show some love to the UNDERJOYED if for no other reason than....yall cut for Janis Joplin. Dude, anyone who's cool with Janis is cool with me...feel me? lol. It'z a pleasure to have yall in the building representing the independent movement, ya heard me? Right on to the real. Yall keep my comrade Nick out of trouble over there in Athens, Greece. Lol. He's a good dude with a shitload of genius inside of him..

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