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Zoidan Jankalovich

Zoidan Jankalovich is an Irish composer/jazz musician/DJ/producer who released his debut album ZoiDVersus the Jazz Musicians of Ireland Vol 1 in 2007. The album is the imaginary soundtrack to a future distopian world where acoustic instruments have been outlawed by the ruling machine overlords. Jazz musicians form underground cells to continue the old ways, risking life and limb every time they play. New beings called ZoiDs have evolved, who can play music, unlike the machines. Being robots, they are not yet accepted by the wary humans. Following a group of jazz musicians, a ZoiD watches them play, learning, and hopes one day to play with them... 






Growing up in a small town in OhioKram HAS always had a passion for music! He accumulated this passion at the age of 5. The young R&B Recording Artist was 15 years old when he realized that he was born with a UNIQUE voice and was destined for GREATNESS! He always had big dreams and have been writing music and singing since the age 10. Kram didn't know exactly what he really wanted in life, until he wrote his first love song: "Break Dis Love" (what his city called: "A STREET BANGER") at the age of 17. After ALL the positive feedback on his R&B MUSIC, Kram has continued to write songs from love songs, to break-up songs, from "baby-making music, even to songs concerning certain situations he has been through throughout his lifetime. Now as his music evolves, his VOCAL SKILLS shows proof on how far Kram has come and evolved in the last 5 years as a R&B RECORDING ARTIST & SONG WRITER! NOW as a mature R&B Singer, Kram has been doing shows and promoting his music since 2009! He has performed in areas of KENTUCKY and many different cities in OHIO like Dayton, Cincinnati, Columbus, Oxford, and Middletown & at events like "THE TASTE OF CINCINNATI 2011" in downtown Cincinnati, Ohio with 101.1 THE WIZ! He is the only Artist that is signed to K.R.A.M RECORDS LLC and also is the CEO of K.R.A.M RECORDS. <KNOWIN' REAL AZZ MUSIC RECORDS>
- In March 2011, Kram released his 1st HIGHLY ANTICIPATED R&B Mixtape entitled "REALITY". THE MIXTAPE WAS A SUCCESS AND Kram accumulated numerous of FANS because of it! Now Kram is expecting to release a 2nd R&B Mixtape entitled "GROWN MAN" for the SUMMER OF 2011! SO Fans, sit back and enjoy one CREATIVE R&B JOURNEY
Kram, who entitles himself as "The R&B General", has developed a sound uniquely his own, by fusing together the essence of "Soul Music" with "Funk" rules and "Hip Hop" swagger.
Now at age 22, his LOVE FOR MUSIC has NEVER changed! As Kram and his music evolves, SUCCESS is still his yet ever most Determination!

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