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The Glorious Veins

Four souls spread over three continents decide to go to New York to pursue a dream. It all began 
like most fairytales of old, with a chance encounter on Craigslist.
They came together with a mutual appreciation for all kinds of styles and a predilection for blending these influences to create a sound of their own.

The band’s singer and primary songwriter is Paul Pangman. Born and raised in Wisconsin, Paul showed a love and affinity for music from a very young age. Paul came to New York at the age of 18 to attend Columbia University, where he picked up the guitar and started writing music. In a few years he wrote well over 100 songs but he needed to find a band to play them. Fortunately for him, that was all about to change.

Matt “howlin” Howels, the guitarist, was born and raised in London, England. He taught himself how to play at age 12 and has been blowing minds with his slashing skills ever since. In the UK, he played with many different bands while in college at Southhampton and in London after graduation. In October of 2007, Matt moved to New York City where he immediately fell into the downtown blues scene before joining The GV’s.

Lee Grasso, the bassist, was born and raised in Connecticut. Originally a guitar player, Lee found himself playing bass for theGV's after they did a line-up change during August of '08.

And last but not least, drummer Wiggy Colmenares. Born and raised in the Philippines, Wiggy started playing the drums in middle school. Music became his passion and he went on to play in many successful Filipino rock bands. He moved to New York City in 2007 with his family and 

now lives in Queens.



Deep in the core of an enchanted island in the Caribbean grows ONGO. This powerful Puerto Rican band blends every possible musical ingredient to serve you their own true and original intensive Rock N Roll drink better than any Piña Colada you have ever tasted.

ONGO is:



Golpe justO, UNZANE, DisCreamyNation, trili, golpe justo, Comuna de Santos, SER.ES, 9 Vidas, Orquesta La Venganza, Aura Azul, and Zafakon


Hangover Pub, Red Shield, Light House, Lighthouse (Kiosco 20), Nuestro Son, Ongo & Comuna de Santos Live @ Red Zone, Ocean Front, La Respuesta, Logans, SOS Burgers, and La Guancha, Ponce


K.Capsule, under the government name of Frederick McKinney III, is not by a shot in the dark what he presumes to be, a "rapper". He finds himself as a lyricist but not just in any similar fashion of everyone else. "I like to stand out because it's something that's always just happened.." Fred quotes. I been writing for years at a time, and still haven't found the way to stop.. not that I would want to. Yes years, like since the 4th grade in a harry potter school journal lol. Hip-Hop is a major passion for me because like other things that I was good at. Basketball, Boxing ect. this is just the one thing where I don't get bored and can stay consistent on honing my skills.
During his sophomore & junior years of high-school Fred was stuck on music. It ran my everyday life, from waking up and standing at the bus stop, to walking the halls and even during class music was attached to me someway or another. At that time I was pretty tech-savvy and found a way to make my own beats and devised my first mixtape of any kind. Under the name "MoNoFoNe" and software Virtual DJ, 

I collected all my favorite tracks- & began to chop away until "Back 2 The Basiks" was completed.
In summer of 2008 when "Cap" graduated from Highland High School he and and a close friend "Woodie Connor" really decided to dig into the music. There for me was the basis of word placement, DJ'ing and really giving myself my first taste of what it could really be like to be famous. "1.oN" or Ion aka No.1 mixtape was released sometime in July of 08'.
April of 2009 was when things in turn went downhill for Fred. He had signed up with the ARMY and by Sept. was gone for 6 months to complete Basic Training.
On his arrival back home in mid-February the first thing he had on his mind was to get back to free-styling and working on his sound and flow. By doing that he says "I just had to hustle and get my mind back into how I can give my version of rap that I've gathered through my own set of words." Saving money and building his own home studio "Stage11". Cap went back to recording for the first time after months of pretentious writing. By August of 2010 "Cap" was back in the lab as he says & working harder than ever learning the trade. Come Feb of 2011 "W.I.N.G.S." was released, and with tons of positivity towards him lyrically and is building a fan base.

Currently, now Capsule is working with "DJ Semi" aka Mixtape Marvel, for the hosting of his next mixtape. Slip-N-Slide / On Da Grind, Musician Affiliation.
with the name of his next LP unknown, one thing Cap does say about it is;
"I said WINGS was a pre-quel..and that, was a hip-hop mixtape. This one, ehh not so much. Boy it's time to get down!

Dimez E.N.T

Im a artist that never stops working. My limits can't be bound by tha limitations that tha average person sets. My goal is to be heard by all of you,all my fans. Its important to me that chu hear me out and find out jus wat im about. If you really wanna get to kno tha real me everything you need to kno is in my music thats where i put my all.


Zen Garden

Zen Garden were born in 2007 by core- creators Stefanos Tortopoglou (Music: Synths, Guitars, Samplers, Programming) and Roxani Garefalaki (Vocals, Lyrics, Performance: stilts, silks) both of whom are on an ongoing journey through the corridors of music. It is a circle of people in an interactive creation, which integrates:
Yiannis Smeros and Yianna Medvedeva in Aerial Acrobatics- silks, Physical Theatre- stilts, Spyros K. (bell), member of Visual Vibe Project in live Visual environment, Michalis Mazis in Bass and guitar, Live Percussionists: Manolis Kambouris, Tolis Metso , Giorgos Koukoulis, and the technical crew: Kostis Margas in lighting design, Stefanos Konstantinidis - sound design, Crystalia Basta - Stage manager, Konstantina Krigkou- costumes.
They have participated in live acts around Greece (Ghost House ,Club Mansion, Soul Club, Void dance bar, Olympia Mall -Trikala 25.10.08 etc), dressed with music the production “Deva” of the DanceTheatre Synergion of Arts and of the DanceTheatre Fygein Adynaton “Facts and Faculties”, while on the other hand they have taken part in the music orchestration of artmentary Chania/Eco.
In 2008 they create the ‘Feeling in Process’ project with which they were the opening act in Juno Reactor Live in Athens (19.4.08), and the opening act of international Aurora Festival (Kavala 25.8.08).
They participated in free concerts for the familiarization of public spaces (Propilaia 19/12/08), the festival of University of Ioanina and festivals like Eco Festival and the Void Network’s Space Technologies- Kratiras Theatre, Electro Free festival, Indie Free festival ‘09.
With their project ‘Semantic’ they opened the Future Sound of London in Athens-23/5/09 at Olympic Softball stadium- Elliniko. Moreover they perform also with their projects: AudioVisual live set and electroacoustic live quartet. In all their projects they explore and look into the creation of an experience which travels through musical landscapes, marrying electronic with natural sound, as well as the magic of live visual art and movement. 

My Drunken Haze

Its members are Spyros and Sophie...A dream of a lifetime is becoming true at last and with your help of course...The music they present to you is a combination of experiences,thoughts and feelings. They hope that with them ,the music and lyrics of Spyros and Sophie's voice, you will feel the same way they did when creating and when experiencing these songs......they promise to bring you more soon...  


Down Eager And Dirtie..Soulja Pimp Outlaw Thug. Born strugglin, die hustlin, ballin and thuggin's my ghetto anthem..Piss poor nigga from the guttah but I blew up on the grind independent. Independently owned and operated. Refuse to sell out to the commercialized mainstream. Prefer to keep it Loced-Out and grimmie when the truth of the matter at hand can alwayz be spoken in it's most RAWEST form. Anti-Conformity..

Born Quintius Monte' Walker, 8-11-76, in Sacramento, California. Even though I'm a California native, I left Cali at an early age so basically I'm pretty much known as being from Texas. Namely, San Angelo. Started writing and rapping in early elementary school....With every intention and desire to be an artist, my career has continued to be cut short due to serving stint after stint in various institutions. 

Anthony "Yungsta" Woodson

Anthony "Yungsta" Woodson is a 21 year old rapper from marlin,texas who has been rappin for 4 years strong openin up for vets such as big pockey, choppa(from h-town), z-ro, ESG, and so many more names.iwent fromn my hit "Club Wyde Up" being on radio to poor management leadin me to grind on my own now im back wit more heat then ever ready for my time to shine again... 

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