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MIRA e djmatim

Created with the aim of giving visibility to the struggles and demands
of women and youth, and strengthen the participation of women in Hip
Hop, admittedly predominantly male environment. The group MIRA
(Revolutionary Women Informed and Attitude) is the main reference
Female Hip Hop Hip Hop Movement Organized in Brazil - MH2O.
Appeared in March 2009 in Fortaleza - CE, at the start and had three
members were born into a well-defined style which remains the same:
writing and performing rap lyrics with themes aimed at empowering
 and their social role, supporting diversity and rights of youth.
The MIRA builds upon instrumental loops bass with electronic beats and
acoustic chords and forming rhythmic poetry that represents the pure
expression of RAP Alternative, exposing the causes of social problems.
The MIRA strives to offer opportunities for talented young women from
the periphery and with affinity for the proposed style. With tests and
adjustments permanent repertoire of the group has maintained their
high energy performances, technique and emotion. Currently the group
has the Onara Rapper MC Oliveira and Fabiana Carvalho, and have the
technical participation in the musical production of DJ Matim.
Latest Report:
Festival of Youth in Fortaleza - Ceará COFECI - June 2010.
Show Livia Cruz Fortaleza - Moco Stúdio - December 2010.
Launch collection of Joy - Green Square Sea Dragon - April 8, 2011
Show Anniversary Fortaleza 285 years - CUCA Che Guevara - April 13, 2011.

Twitter is twitter.com/djmatim 
On facebook.com/djmatim 
and djmatim@hotmail.com

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