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Terrell Patterson A.K.A. ReLL P. was born in Lubbock Texas, but grew up in many different locations, due to His step father being in the army.ReLL has been to such states as Alaska, Kentucky, New jersey, Illinois, NYC, Florida, and currently resides in upstate NY.With such a diverse up bringing that has influenced him to talk or rap about truths in his life, he brings his reality lyrically on beats. Rell is highly influenced by a number of artists such as Jay-z, Eminem, Drake, Kanye West, Lil’ Wayne, juelz Santana,Jadakiss, just too name a few.With rap battles and one mixtape under his belt he is working vary hard to get his music out and into the right hands and bring a breathe of fresh air into the industry. ReLL began rapping at the tender age of 12. Rell’s would listen to his mothers albums and connect with the music, such artist as 2pac,Jay-z,Mase, Master P.”When I heard Jay-z Hark knock life album, I knew automatically that this is what I want to do and pursue. Writing and freestyling at lunch tables, local parties Rell kept at it. Now at the age of 24 Rell is ready for the world to get his message in music. “Music is in my blood, I feel very passionate about it, its my way of therapy and to unleash and feelings I Have .ReLL is currently working on his 2nd mixtape entitled “Expression Of Power vol.2”.ReLL is like no other artist out, he is original,lyrical,witty,timeless,futuristic,and creative with his music. So with that being said, I introduce you to ReLL P. AKA Main-Even AKA More-iLLY,He is indeed hip-hop’s future.






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Peta.Loc said...

The tripz ended, I'm still in thiz, nigga, God M.C. ....ME, PETA'MAN,shit. Hey, lil soldier, you don't want it with Loc...L-0-C'z too strong for jokez. It'z like putting your, throat to the guillotine back to the spin, notebook...onto the yard wit' cha whack azz rhymez. What'z ya boyz mobbed in? What'z ya boyz job man..thiz Dead Spot'z finest, don't ever under mine, thiz nigga..Appearance ain't large enough, donnie..ya lyricz ain't hard enough ..." Fucker" !! Peta'Locsta iz the souljah, Better yet the Captian, before he realize what don' happened, he'd been wrapped in napkins...It'z like, want me to battle rhyme? Give me a time and I'll take..you one and only shine wit' a " one liner ". Don't make me do thiz to you, donnie, cause I won't stop it, so you won't swop it wit' just hip-hop it'z ...
L-O-C, running thiz rap shit,
In T.D.C I waz running thiz rap..In F.C.I. I'z running thiz rap shit..Peta'Loc iz fly so when it happenz don't cry..
The industry I'm,
running thiz rap shit, in the streetz I'm running thiz rap shit..Dead Spot, we running thiz rap shit...My Loced Out Niggaz...WE RUN THE BLOCK.
I don't care if ya gang wreck, I holdz triggaz to setz,
you little fuck, I got hundredz stackz ..biggest az ya checkz. When I waz pushing D, back in '93, you waz in T.Y.C so...how you think you gone be me? Then ya did state time, switched the percentagez, well, that isn't equal, get mo' representivez. Peta'loc'z the master of the game he passed the class cause nobody could read dudez like L.O.C do..I already see through your thoughtz of you thinking that I won't handle you.." trust me on thiz one " , I'll dizmantle you...Mind from body, soul from spirit...I'll flow thiz in the open so the whole world can hear thiz..." NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! "
Ya not on my level, get cha' mind right..I'll hustle what your whole able will bubble, cause my grind tight..Ya little peeplez don't want it with Loc...
ask LiL' Devil..." He " don't want it with Loc

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