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"Well it all started with a young man by the name of Juan Saneaux at a place by the name of Treasure Island Job Corps Center.Around this place rap/ hip-hop/ r&b were the main genres of music so Juan developed a taste for this kind of music after a while of being there. Juan Attended a meeting called "The Dorm Meeting" where his R.A Supervisor was mentioning something about two sheets and a pillowcase. Upon The supervisor saying that Juan found it funny and a bit catch and developed an idea  into making the phrase two sheets and a pillowcase into a song. Shortly after he created a couple of songs one being "Two Sheets and A Pillow Case". It was popular among his friends but he thought he can make it better by using what his idol used which was "AutoTune". He did remake his previous songs with it and continued making songs till this day."

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