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K.Capsule, under the government name of Frederick McKinney III, is not by a shot in the dark what he presumes to be, a "rapper". He finds himself as a lyricist but not just in any similar fashion of everyone else. "I like to stand out because it's something that's always just happened.." Fred quotes. I been writing for years at a time, and still haven't found the way to stop.. not that I would want to. Yes years, like since the 4th grade in a harry potter school journal lol. Hip-Hop is a major passion for me because like other things that I was good at. Basketball, Boxing ect. this is just the one thing where I don't get bored and can stay consistent on honing my skills.
During his sophomore & junior years of high-school Fred was stuck on music. It ran my everyday life, from waking up and standing at the bus stop, to walking the halls and even during class music was attached to me someway or another. At that time I was pretty tech-savvy and found a way to make my own beats and devised my first mixtape of any kind. Under the name "MoNoFoNe" and software Virtual DJ, 

I collected all my favorite tracks- & began to chop away until "Back 2 The Basiks" was completed.
In summer of 2008 when "Cap" graduated from Highland High School he and and a close friend "Woodie Connor" really decided to dig into the music. There for me was the basis of word placement, DJ'ing and really giving myself my first taste of what it could really be like to be famous. "1.oN" or Ion aka No.1 mixtape was released sometime in July of 08'.
April of 2009 was when things in turn went downhill for Fred. He had signed up with the ARMY and by Sept. was gone for 6 months to complete Basic Training.
On his arrival back home in mid-February the first thing he had on his mind was to get back to free-styling and working on his sound and flow. By doing that he says "I just had to hustle and get my mind back into how I can give my version of rap that I've gathered through my own set of words." Saving money and building his own home studio "Stage11". Cap went back to recording for the first time after months of pretentious writing. By August of 2010 "Cap" was back in the lab as he says & working harder than ever learning the trade. Come Feb of 2011 "W.I.N.G.S." was released, and with tons of positivity towards him lyrically and is building a fan base.

Currently, now Capsule is working with "DJ Semi" aka Mixtape Marvel, for the hosting of his next mixtape. Slip-N-Slide / On Da Grind, Musician Affiliation.
with the name of his next LP unknown, one thing Cap does say about it is;
"I said WINGS was a pre-quel..and that, was a hip-hop mixtape. This one, ehh not so much. Boy it's time to get down!

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