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My Drunken Haze

Its members are Spyros and Sophie...A dream of a lifetime is becoming true at last and with your help of course...The music they present to you is a combination of experiences,thoughts and feelings. They hope that with them ,the music and lyrics of Spyros and Sophie's voice, you will feel the same way they did when creating and when experiencing these songs......they promise to bring you more soon...  

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Peta.Loc said...

Hey, you two, what'z going on?? I'm Loc and I'm first of all, since you two are the first two that I've commented on thiz morning,...the order that I'm dropping by everyone'z comment box izn't in a set order. I'm just going down the line sending love and respect and thankz to all of the artist who've showed up to support the project. I stopped where I did last night because I fell azleep. Lol. But, yeah that'z what'z up. Stay strong in thiz...and just know thiz one thing; all ideaz that you may have to share are welcome..I LOVE BUILDING AND CREATING. Hope to hear back from you two. Connectionz are of the utmost importance with the industry being in the state that it iz these dayz...Community Revolution iz in progrezz...Peace...

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