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Down Eager And Dirtie..Soulja Pimp Outlaw Thug. Born strugglin, die hustlin, ballin and thuggin's my ghetto anthem..Piss poor nigga from the guttah but I blew up on the grind independent. Independently owned and operated. Refuse to sell out to the commercialized mainstream. Prefer to keep it Loced-Out and grimmie when the truth of the matter at hand can alwayz be spoken in it's most RAWEST form. Anti-Conformity..

Born Quintius Monte' Walker, 8-11-76, in Sacramento, California. Even though I'm a California native, I left Cali at an early age so basically I'm pretty much known as being from Texas. Namely, San Angelo. Started writing and rapping in early elementary school....With every intention and desire to be an artist, my career has continued to be cut short due to serving stint after stint in various institutions. 

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T. TOKENS said...

Wut it is fam...U already kno Im ridin wit this situation foot on tha pedal homie...Holla at ya boi and keep me updated...100

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