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 We decided on a better name to represent the state of our country and the world in general. KAOTIK_NATION was born ! designed to kick you in the ass with a dose of good hard rock n roll! get your party on with us ! We are currently rehearsing,booking shows,and recording new songs for our 2nd cd ! We do everything rock/hard rock from our originals and many cover songs that range the spectrum of rock from ac/dc-ZZ Topp the 70's-Modern day guaranteed high energy, foot stomping,balls out rock n roll !

I been playing since I was a kid on guitar,piano,whatever not a virtuoso mind you.. but I did have a knack for it from an early age got my 1st guitar at 5 years old I was playing amazing grace and rocky top by age 6 and 7.Playing/making music has been an ongoing theme in my life since I was in grade school and then playing in my 1st bands in the early-mid 80's, definitely hard rock and metal influenced but also blues,bluegrass,classical,funk, and even disco I heard as a child of the late 60's-70's...so here I am today father of 2 boys still playing music in 2 different bands yes 2 I also do High Voltage which is a Bon Scott era ac/dc tribute band . and Kaotik Nation which does both original music and covers many hard rock and metal songs in our live shows.

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