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LunariaN, with the uppercase letters on the “L” & “N”. Formed in late 2006 and getting seriously into music in 2008. A rock-experimental/alternative/electro-rock band hailing from South Jakarta, Indonesia but taking London as our CHART BASE. 7 songs here are taken from a total of 18 they currently have.

"LunariaN likes to go beyond boundaries set by the industry standard while staying true to rock-n-roll music. They often sail the outer rim of sight and sound but never venture past the ear shot of humans nor their basic instinct to enjoy a catchy tune. Influenced by so many artists ranging from Rammstein, Radiohead to Baroque & classical music, you will experience a new age of rock music as they brand their own trademark style. Unusual breakdowns & progressions, vintage & modern sound mixed with abstract-poetic lyrics which speak loud and true... *love*war*conspiracy theory*anti-social*political* All reflections of their society and life experiences. LunariaN is CUTTING EDGE. REAL ROCK MUSIC." - Willy Clayton of Hooker Studio Productions-Pennsylvania, US

"They may not be exactly local, as this talented four-piece hail from Indonesia, but they are definitely something to look out for. If you’re looking for something fresh and new, but with the underlying features that are ever-present in a classic rock band, you’ve found it. LunariaN have the talent, and they’ve certainly got the tracks, with peculiarly genius hits like ‘Generation in a deadline’ and ‘Xenophobia’ keeping rock and roll alive. However ‘Scream Sonata’ is by far the most impressive track I’ve heard. Opening with a complex classical piano stance, one may compare ‘Scream Sonata’ to something attempted by HIM... until the first riff smashes its way into consciousness. With heavy drums and even heavier axe work, ‘Scream Sonata’ is a track that will have you head-banging like there’s no tomorrow, and you might have to check it’s the same band as before! LunariaN is more than diverse, every track is different and they’ll consistently keep you guessing as to where they’re going and what they’re doing.
If I had to make a guess... I'd be surprised if LunariaN hadn't made some sort of name for themselves within a year. They have the drive, the determination, and the raw talent to make it, and I really hope they do. The songs are classics through and through, and if I haven't convinced you, check this one out for yourself, by downloading their EP or listening on Reverb as below." - Lily of 

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