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Things about to change.... to the better;)
PLAY IT LOUD and enjoy!

Imagine Alice In Chains(Jar Of Flies/Sap era) crossed with Mother Love Bone and Foo Fighters.......www.spiderpussy.org.......... old school grunge from Phuket!!

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Peta.Loc said...

" SpiderPussy "...dude, that'z cool az shit. Welcome to the Revolution fellowz..where we don't look for dealz....WE MAKE DEALZ. Or more blatantly...We make the so-called dealerz deal with uz. Truth be told, they're going to be dealing with uz for a looooonnnggg time.

Ronny FIksdahl said...

Love the projekt, idea is great, ive thought about similar myself, but it stopped up some years ago. Same same. So i understand this great show!!!! Keep on rocking.. ill tribute more soon,.. need to mix some new recordings and videos first

Ronny FIksdahl said...

I can add that im from Norway, working with my brother on this. So really a norwegian band./// Living in Thailand..to record music in experience paradise.

Nikolas L said...

It reminds me of Wittgenstein who left Cambridge and went to Norway in order to finish its "tractatus", but he was very strange to be a typical person, most of the people -and me included- we prefer the warm climates :). talk you later Ronny!

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