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I began on my mother's Baldwin piano on which I created simple melodies... Years later - in my teens - I was sent to Piano lessons where I achieved up to Grade 4 in music Theory(but without a Practical Grade)& a little Yamaha PortaSound keyboard... For years I made simple music(beats & melodies)on my keyboard & in 2006 after having left a job I learned through BET that what I had been doing for years for fun, was basically Producing... I then sought to get into the field by visiting Studios & eventually did a course where I learned to make music with the use of computers & so, have been creating music in said fashion since late 2006... 

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Peta.Loc said...

Really?? It'z strange how when you want something bad enough how the universe just seems to open up and make sure you get what you sought after. I mean, given that everything iz in the realm of righteouznezz of course. Digital producer? You're blessed with a gift that people are spending thousandz on to get training to master. You are aware of the era that we live in when it comez to making music these dayz, right??? Well, that'z what'z up, I'll be back around to talk with you some more. Right now I'm just touring the project ( in no chosen order in particular ) and letting all who are a part of thiz project know that myself az an individual, I feel honored to be connected to artist all around the globe who have the courage to stand up and MAKE THINGZ HAPPEN FOR THEMSELVEZ. So Thankz...Peace.

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