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Harlequins Enigma

Harlequins enigma was founded in 2008 by åge riisnes. for 3 tough years 600 tracks were made. the band played many a song with sara jensen, elin berge & a little later katie leung. the band had international help from artists: klaus schulze, vangelis, jean michel jarretori amos,dave weckl, jan garbarek, kitaro, chick coreatangerine dream, emma watson, atjazz & others. 6 albums & 6 singles have been released in 2011. where the free service hello music rated 2 albums unique, & stargazer had a 3.0 of 5 score & dark light had a 3.5 of 5 score. however the hello music company is no longer used as a resource.. a video is out from stargazer, called stargazer I - moon phase & can be viewed at youtube, metacafe & tubewatcher.tv - the original can be reached via our microstore @ http://www.harlenia.com (our homepage), along with all 6 albums!. the homepage was officialy launched 06.05.2011 & you are most welcome in - many songs have been added & i hope you enjoy the music & enjoy our new homepage. the future will bring a full set of octagon releases, 8 in all. as said before, octagon also has 8 genres in its respective volumes. right now harlequins enigma is preparing octagon volume 2, a triple dance album in multiple dance styles. - åge riisnes / harlequins enigma may 2011

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åge riisnes / harlequins enigma said...

great news at our homepage - check it out

Peta.Loc said...

Hey, just wanted to stop by and give you guyz your propz first of all..your work iz absolutely beautiful. Most importantly though I wanted to extend my thankz to you for getting involved with thiz project. There'z power in unity. I'll be checking out your web site in the near future...

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